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Jun 26 '12

Nominees Announced!

The Steamtown Original Music Showcase is proud to announce the Steamtown Music Awards, which will be held on September 1, 2012 at the Banshee in Scranton, PA as part of the Seventh Annual Steamtown Original Music Showcase weekend. The event will honor musicians from North Eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

The organizers of the event hope to attract music fans, musicians and the “who’s who” of NEPA to the event, which will feature an award ceremony, live performances, a red carpet entrance, and the presentation of a lifetime achievement award. John Phillips and Joe Caviston will preside as masters of ceremonies, while special guests will present the evenings various awards.

A portion of the proceeds from the music awards will be used to establish a a scholarship for Lackawanna and Luzurne County high school students. Beginning in September 2012, college bound seniors will be able to submit an essay and earn the 1st annual Steamtown Original Music Scholarship.

Fans were given the chance to nominate their favorite acts for awards via Facebook and e-mail from May 1st until June 20th. The 10 acts in each category that received the most nominations were compiled and are now posted on the award show’s Facebook and Tumblr where fans can vote for their favorite act. A five person academy has been established to help determine the award winners (they will also review the essays to determine a scholarship recipient). Fan’s votes will be equal to that of academy member’s; the fans are the sixth man in the competition.

More announcements will come and tickets will go on sale July 15th.

You can vote for your favorite acts on the Steamtown Music Award’s Facebook and Tumblr pages.

DJ / Electronic Artist of the Year

DJ Hostile Hersh, Conscious Pilot, DJ Ransom, Brian Langan and Connor McGuigan (Panked), Spaceman Nick Miller, The Indobox, Laser Sex, DJ Ooh Wee, and DJ Tonez

Folk/Americana/Jazz Artist of the Year

MiZ, Cabinet, Coal Town Rounders, Rouge Chimp, Blinded Passenger, Matt Bennick and the Blue Mines, The George Wesley Band, The Woody Browns Project, Doug Smith, and Marko Marcinko

Punk / Pop Punk Artist of the Year

Terror on the Screen, Title Fight, Down to Six, Captain, We’re Sinking, The Menzingers, Lila Ignite, Survay Says!, Patterns, The Holy Mess, and Handguns

Hardcore Act of the Year

Dead End Path, Unite Resist, Mother of Mercy, Death Grip, Strength for a Reason, Cold World, Wisdom in Chains, Not til Death, Ghost X Ship, and Slapjaw

Alternative Rock Artist of the Year

Graces Downfall, Eye on Attraction, Super bob, Days in Transit, Madrone, The Curse of Sorrow, Ducky Duke and the Vintage, OurAfter, Hierosonic, and Dive

Country Artist of the Year

Dani-elle, Jeane Zano Band, Farmer’s Daughter, Tommy Guns Band, Jesse Wade Gang, East Coast Trio, Chixy Dix, Hell-Yo, Miller’s Farm, and Gas Money

Metal Act of the Year

Motionless in White, Our Ashes Remain, Silhouette Lies, Delusions, One Last Time, The Rods, The Teeth, Purveyor, Sinister Realm, and Ethereal Collapse

Indie Rock Act of the Year

A Fire With Friends, A Social State, Tigers Jaw, Speak Easy, Those Clever Foxes, Eww Yaboo, The Spinto Band, When East Meets West, The Front Bottoms, and Langor

Pop / Top 40 Act of the Year

Nowhere Slow, Warning Level, M80, 5 Second High, Far From Fancy, Kock 107, The Fallen, Jeffery James band, The Switch, and Pink Slip

Singer/Songwriter of the Year

Charles Havira, Tom Graham, Chet Williams, Drew Kelly, Koji, Rachel Clark, Kira Lee, Melissa Krahnke, K8, and Regina Sayles

Rap / Hip Hop Artist of the Year

Gino Lispi, Track Masons, Unstable Minds, Drew Breeze, JC (Joshua Carovinci), DJ RocnRol, CrimZn Cipriano, The World, Jamie Drastik, and Apache Chief

Drummer of the Year

Angelo Parente (Motionless in White), Andrew Merkle (Eye On Attraction), Zhach Kelsch (Kristen and the Noise), Matt Stygar (Graces Downfall), AJ Jump, Chad Szeliga (OurAfter), Carl Canedy (The Rods / JJB), Marko Marcinko, Jerry Bruno (Terror on the Screen), and Jami Novak (Cabinet)

Guitar/Bassist of the Year

Ryan Klubeck (Ethereal Collapse), Mike Mizwinski (MiZ), Mark Yanish (Graces Downfall), Natalie Jursky (Graces Downfall), Pat Finnerty, Neil Thenier (Taste), George Wesley (The George Wesley Band), John Roman (Skin-n-Bones), Will Perna (formerly Absolution), and CJ Williams (A Social State)

Male Vocalist of the Year

Chris Cerulli (Motionless in White), Mark Woodbridge (Speak Easy), Ed Couzzo (A Social State), Ken Norton (Grace Downfall), Rick Gillette (No Where Slow), Nate Hosie (Maybe Someday), Dan Rosler (A Fire With Friends), Brian Langan (Kock 107/Langor), Adam Mcilwee / Ben Walsh (Tigers Jaw), and Uriah Thomas (Dead End Path)

Female Vocalist of the Year

Jane Moser (Our Ashes Remain), Sarah Yzkanin, Rosaleen Eastman (The Great Party), Katie Kelly (The Love Crimes), K8, Amanda Vitz (Far From Fancy), Jeane Zano (Jeane Zano Band), Jane Train (M80), and Kira Lee

Song of the Year

"Slo You Go" – MIZ, "Super Fly" - Super Bob, "Always A Victim" - Graces Downfall, "Electric Chair Blues" - A Fire With Friends, "Immaculate Misconception" - Motionless In White, "Shed" - Title Fight, "Gates" - The Menzingers, "Margaret" - Drew Breeze ft. Dan Rosler, "Hard to Believe" - Nowhere Slow, and "No Way Out" - One Last Time

Album of the Year

"East Hope Avenue" – MIZ, "Always A Victim" - Graces Downfall, "Shed" - Title Fight, "Eleven" – Cabinet, "Shit I Never Released" - Gino Lispi, "Old Lion" - The George Wesley Band, "Uninvited" - The Curse of Sorrow, "Like Giants Sleeping" - A Fire With Friends, "Patterns (Selft Titled EP)" – Patterns, and "On the Impossible Past" - The Menzingers